this box of tins will soon be my spice 'rack'. currently, the spices are living in a variety of places in my kitchen...by the stove, in the pantry, on a shelf in the cupboard that I have to stand on my tip-toes to reach. not ideal.

enter inkscape, label paper and carefully cutting circles.

i'm pretty happy with them. only 1 million more to go!

then to figure out where to put them all...


kitchen owls.

hello interwebs. we'll see how this goes.

i bought these owls at the salvation army probably six months ago. there were three of them attached to some sort of mail sorting contraption. they were fairly exciting to begin with, but not quite my style.

several coats of blue acrylic later...

hooray! there are actually three of these. they shall live in the kitchen. stacked vertically.