for my nephew roc owen, who is super awesome. hopefully soon i'll have pictures up of him wearing them. looking all bald and adorable.

designed and screen printed by jon and me.

update: those pictures.

looking awesome.

drooling everywhere! it's really incredible the volume he's able to produce. impressive...


wheel bug.

it's been a really long time time since we've screen printed anything, and i had forgotten how much i enjoy it. we did this shirt for jon's brother david. he studied entomology in college and i guess wheel bugs are his favorite. his super awesome wife becky asked us to make a wheel bug shirt for him as a surprise for their anniversary (and i didn't just ruin a surprise, we made this a couple of weeks ago).

we had a really professional set up with for this one--in the living room, on the coffee table. we did the alignment with masking tape and a good bit of faith. because we want to do more printing in the future, we went ahead and bought a one color printing press. a little too late for this one though. something about hindsight and perfect vision.

the design turned out well i think. i really wanted to add a top hat in the raised hand, but i refrained.

stay tuned for some more super awesome screen printing. i'd love to post about it now, but once again i'm practicing self-control and not ruining a surprise. silly restraint.