progress amongst destruction.

one day my living room won't look like a construction zone. i suspect that will be in 2011. however, tonight progress was made--and not the fake kind of progress that is just preparation, but the real kind that gives results that somewhat resemble the end look.

hello new hearth tile. if only conan would finish the rest while we sleep...

the fireplace surround will get done tomorrow hopefully. then the mantle can get put back. that's what covers all the ugly beige cracked looking stuff.

it's hard to tell in the picture, but when we took down the giant mirror (see previous post) we found two more layers of wallpaper. old layers. that are much stickier and mangrier than the other wallpaper. that will be fun.

baby steps.



so, on a snowy friday night i decided to take down the wallpaper in our living room. it was only on two walls, so not a big task. it actually came off very easily. the patterned layer peeled easily off of the paper back and then with a lot of warm water the paper/glue layer peeled right off too. probably the easiest wallpaper i've ever removed.

i made quite a mess, but, all in all, little damage done. nothing a trash bag or two couldn't take care of. jon though, was not content to be an innocent bystander in this process. oh no. he decided he too wanted to turn his doing-dial up a notch.

yes. that is my living room ceiling. yes. that is my husband removing the tiles. yes. that is a giant 6 foot by 5 foot mirror above my mantle. a couple of hours and 10 more trash bags later...

good bye ceiling. stay tuned for what we do next.

(in my husband's defense, the tiles were terrible. and we did plan on taking them down. just not this saturday. but now we're motivated, right?...)