because it's christmas eve eve, and i cannot taunt people in person with their beautifully wrapped gifts that they cannot yet open, i thought i'd do it electronically.

so there. and since it doesn't have a name on it, the third one down is yours mom, didn't want you to feel untaunted.

clearly i can only wrap things that are in boxes. the unbox shaped things still remain unwrapped in the dining room. i'm boycotting them, so don't feel forgotten if you don't see a present.


reusable. recyclable.

the bag says it right on it. reusable. recyclable. it was really just asking to be made into christmas tags.

i cut out the pieces of the bag that i liked best. i then mounted them on various shades-of-white paint swatches i've collected throughout the years. they're hard to see in the picture, but it gives them a nice effect. you can see the little behr bear in the top center one if you try hard.

i then drew the words to and from on them. lovely.



one of these is conan. one is jon's lawn ornament pig. the other is angus the highland cow, all the way from england. i'll let you figure out the details.

thanks becca!



this was a couple of saturdays ago, but i think it embodies what saturdays in general should be like. for lunch (because who wants to go through this much trouble at breakfast time) we made pumpkin pancakes. and with the aid of a 97 cent squirt bottle, we made super exciting pumpkin pancakes. there was also a dinosaur and an elephant and an assortment of other semi-unidentifiable pancake blobs.

we used to do shaped pancakes on saturdays in college. i think it started with watching the lost room where in the opening episode the dad makes elephant pancakes for his daughter. those were good times. the pancakes didn't often look like much, but it was still a lot of fun.

*props to jon for the amusing photo styling. he's a silly guy.


paper snow.

i love winter. and christmas. and decorating for christmas. lately, i've had a small obsession rooms decorated with massive amounts of paper crafts. like gimbals on elf after buddy has his way with it. it's the perfect mix of winter wonder and beautiful simplicity. i don't have the time or patience of buddy the elf, but this is my small attempt.

this is now on the wall behind the couch in my living room. i used this tutorial on how to make paper snowflakes, but i liked the intermediate tear drop shape better than the final full snowflake. i strung them up on the wall along with some paper circles.

it's not quite as spectacular as gimbals, but it makes me smile. it will probably be up well past christmas.