hello sunshine.

so it took less than two months to finish filling in those frames on margot's wall of art. i'm going to call that a win.

for the two little round frames, i made some fifteen minute watercolor art by just painting some yellow circles and writing 'hello' in one and 'sunshine' in the other with a sharpie paint pen.

then for the tiniest frame, a lovely christmas card with some charlie harper owls from the art academy fit just perfectly. it's seems right too, since the art academy is where jon and i took the letterpress classes where we made two of the other art wall pieces.

we finished it all with a botanical print from ikea, and now all the frames are filled! not to say i won't switch them up at some point, but it's nice to see it done.


diy glitter animal kit.

glittered animals have become somewhat of a christmas tradition around here. since i had some leftover supplies, i decided to put together a little diy kit to send off in the mail.

it's just a box with a few plastic animals, some small packs of glitter, a tiny pot of modge podge, and a paint brush. everything needed to create glittered animal fun..

wrap it all up, put it in a box with this guy, and ship it off to arizona.


stuffed owl.

margot has awesome friends. and super talented friends. who make her awesome things. like this owl.

it may be the most awesome thing in my house. i pinned this on my margot board on pinterest, and the awesome grace, of last christmas fame, made one for me...i mean, for margot.

it's really lovely. amazingly crafted with tons of character. i always love handmade gifts. it shows a lot of love to spend so much time on something for someone.

and margot thinks he's pretty keen. she may be a little intimidated though, as he's bigger than she is, even standing up.

thanks so much grace. you're awesome sauce.

(i know i've used the word awesome five, now six, times in this post. deal with it. this owl deserves it.)


four months.

photographing a four month old proved to be much more difficult than photographing a three month old.

primarily, because in the past four weeks, miss margot has discovered her feet and her fists. every picture i took either looked like the one above, or this one.

the feet appear to be connected to the arms in an odd fashion--feet up, arms on toes or feet down, hands in mouth seem to be the two settings. it's quite cute.

there has been quite a bit of growing too, as she now weights twelve pounds and five ounces and is twenty four and a quarter inches long.

but i can still manage to get that onesie on her!

so much concentration.

and this one maybe my favorite margot picture to date.

those eyes. they kill me.



lilly likes sloths. so i made her this guy, inspired by this.

he's quite fantastic. margot especially thinks so. probably because he's an excellent dancer. much better at using limbs than she is.

sadly, he was not destined to live on my couch, although he looks quite nice there. he now has a lovely home in arizona, and margot will need to find a new friend. or rather, i shall have to make margot a new friend. mayhaps a fox this time.


a new year.

happy twenty fourteen everbody. i'm pretty sure it's going to be a great one.