four months.

photographing a four month old proved to be much more difficult than photographing a three month old.

primarily, because in the past four weeks, miss margot has discovered her feet and her fists. every picture i took either looked like the one above, or this one.

the feet appear to be connected to the arms in an odd fashion--feet up, arms on toes or feet down, hands in mouth seem to be the two settings. it's quite cute.

there has been quite a bit of growing too, as she now weights twelve pounds and five ounces and is twenty four and a quarter inches long.

but i can still manage to get that onesie on her!

so much concentration.

and this one maybe my favorite margot picture to date.

those eyes. they kill me.


  1. I need some "age progression" technology to see who she will most resembles. I think she has your smile and Jon's eyes? I'm really bad at this. Neither of my children appears to resemble their parents. We sometimes wonder if they were switched at birth. :-)

  2. i'm terrible at it too. several people have said she has jon's mouth though. i dunno.