more tiny pants.

making tiny things is becoming quite addictive. baby projects just go so quickly. like these pants i made.

thanks to a girls' craft night at church and some margot-daddy-time, i was able to make all three pairs in one evening. i used these two tutorials and fabric from thrift store t-shirts.

the kitty fabric may be my favorite. i need to think of some other projects to use this for.

making pants was surprisingly easy. each pair took only two fabric pieces and four seams. i used the existing seam at the bottom of the t-shirts as the bottom hem of the pant legs, saving two seams. after some trial and error on the first pair, i think i made the last two pairs in twenty minutes apiece.

 i'm going to have to restrain myself from making an excessive number of pants. as it combines two of my favorite things--thrift storing and making things--it's going to be difficult.


five months.

this cutie is five months!

and quite the ham. who loves to eat her feet.

but gets suspicious when there's a camera around.

this is the only picture i got with none of her limbs in or in route to her mouth.

 and now, the comparison. i really should have been better about keeping the camera a standard distance away. or added a prop to give a sense of scale. oh well.


tiny pants.

clearance fabric markers and plain grey margot pants make for these cool kid pants.

make some yourself. i recommend making them for a baby though, as adult pants would take a very long time. you've been warned. i approached it by quadrants, freehanding the pattern, using these as inspiration. it was a nice, mindless, post-margot-bedtime activity.

i heat set them with an iron, and after a couple of washes they appear to be holding up quite well. 

 tiny legs, i've concluded, can pull off very ridiculous looking pants.