kitty mc-nuggets, a knitting pattern.

itty bitty knitty kitties.

i've been on a bit of a knitting kick lately and seem to have made a small army. luckily, it's probably the least intimidating army ever.

i started off just knowing that i wanted to knit a lot of little somethings for miss margot (a well formed thought, i know). when i came across this beans the cat pattern, it seemed to perfectly combine my desire for a quick and easy knit and margot's intense love of kitties.

the pattern as written was much larger than i wanted, but with some scaling and some rework i ended up with these perfect tiny kitties, not much larger than a ping pong ball (which is another one of margot's favorite things). i call them 'kitty mc-nuggets'.

for a full kitty making tutorial, i defer you to the natural suburbia blog. if you want to make mc-nugget sized versions, see my mods below.

kitty mc-nuggets
using us size 4 (3.5mm) dpns, cast on 5 stitches, divide over 3 needles, and join in the round

round 1: knit
round 2: kfb all stitches (10 stitches)
round 3: (k1, kfb) around (15 stitches)
round 4: (k1, kfb) around, k1 (22 stitches)
rounds 5-12: knit
round 13: (k1, k2tog) around, k1 (15 stitches)
round 14-19: knit
cast off
sew top edge shut, add 'dimple' to create ears, and enjoy! margot sure does!

since her favorite activity of the moment is taking things out of things and putting them back in, these kitty mc-nuggets, along with a wooden salad bowl, are the perfect fit. and with each one taking less than a half hour to make, making a bowlful was quick work.

so, go ahead, make your own adorable army! for your little one, your cat, or for yourself to keep you company at your desk at work. you know you want to.


beet lemonade.

make it. i know it sounds weird. beets. and lemonade. who do i think you are, dwight schrute? but just look at it, isn't it lovely?

 i was a bit skeptical of beet lemonade at first, but with that rich magenta color, how could i not make it? (also, i was looking for a high contrast drink to show off my snazzy new thrift store glasses.)

my taste buds may be being trumped by my eyeballs, but despite it not sounding very appealing, i found it to be quite refreshing. sweet, tart, and just a little earthy. the perfect beverage to sip while hoping that the slow days of summer would last just a little bit longer.

so make it. or just stop by for a glass. it's also the perfect beverage to share with a glittered t-rex.