i think i may have found the coolest thing that you can buy at hobby lobby. a set of 6 russian nesting dolls. and at 25% off that makes a whole lot of fun for only 5.25.

i've finished the largest one so far. he was done in acrylics and sharpie.

he also has antlers. that grow leaves.

and flowers growing out of his back. the silver ones were done with sharpie. and are shiny.

the other ones will follow a similar theme. funny looking men with nature elements. stay tuned.



jon and i have been trying to be better at making real food for dinner as often as possible. this we've found, works best when there's planning involved. so we generally sit down over the weekend and plot out the week's menu and then go grocery shopping for all of the necessary items. when you have a fridge of ingredients that will go bad if you don't use them, you're much less tempted to take the lazy way out with meals.

in order to make this whole process more awesome, i've made this little sheet. it has a column for each day of the week where you can put what you're planning to have for dinner. below that is a spot with check boxes where you can construct your grocery list. at the bottom there is extra room for those other things you need at the store, unrelated to dinner.

then there's this cute little guy, nomming the top of the page. because he's hungry and those meals listed down there look mighty delicious.

i plan on getting a clipboard and putting magnets across the back to keep this guy on the refrigerator where he belongs.

if you want a pdf of this sheet for your personal use, just leave me a comment! i can email it to you with or without the nomming monster.



this was my lazy day off work project thanks to this tutorial. the picture's deceiving, but it's only about the size of my hand. a cute quick project.

the yellow fabric was left over from recovering my desk chair and the brown fabric is actually a pair of jon's old pants!


tie t-shirt.

a few weeks ago in church a baby had on a onesie with a fabric tie sewn on the front. dominic was a fan. so i sewed this 'tie' onto this t-shirt for him. the stitching was a little sloppy since i'm still figuring out my sewing machine, but all in all i declare it awesome. he better wear it while leading worship next week.


vampires beware.

garlic, or the "stinking rose" has leapt in popularity in china, as it is thought to ward off swine flu. it is now selling for 5 times what it was a year ago! i wonder if i can knit my way into the market...



i don't like real tomatoes, but a knitted one, well that's another story.

conan, however, is rather unimpressed.



hello knitted aubergine.

thanks to hansi singh's amigurumi knits and the cincinnati main branch library. the book has five vegetable patterns and my goal knit them all and learn the mechanics so that i can make up my own patterns. stay tuned for tomato!