bedtime stories.

this is what happens when an aerospace engineer and a civil engineer have a baby.

bedtime stories at the sharp house.


two months.

this cutie turned two months old last week.

nine pounds, ten ounces. and now quite the smiler.

so much growing. so much cuteness.


yet more cider.

this years cider making process was a little different than last year's. for one, we bought almost one hundred more pounds of apples--two hundred and sixty pounds--and i did the whole thing with a margot strapped to me.

here's a libby's-eye-view of this year's haul. that's a brightly colored margot head in the corner.

during the whole process magot was all snuggly in my moby wrap, mostly sleeping. here we are making apple mush.

when all was said and done we got about sixteen gallons of delicious cider. yum.



my typical yarn hobby of choice is knitting, but while i was making the margot hat i realized that i can crochet while holding margot, at least if she's sleeping. so i decided to knock this pinterest project off my list.

my goal with this was to spend no money, and only use supplies already in my stash. i was successful too, down to the backing fabic.

and does my toughest critic approve?

yes, conan approves.


a hat.

margot is quite bald. she has some old man hair, just around the sides and in the back, but nothing to keep the top of her large noggin warm. thus, hats are a must.

this hat actually happened by accident. i was going to make an owl toy, but when i was done with the body, jon asked if i was making a margot hat. i put it on her head and realized i had indeed made a margot hat.

perhaps when she grows out of it, i'll finish up making it into an owl. but for now, it's keeping margot's head nice and cozy.