yet more cider.

this years cider making process was a little different than last year's. for one, we bought almost one hundred more pounds of apples--two hundred and sixty pounds--and i did the whole thing with a margot strapped to me.

here's a libby's-eye-view of this year's haul. that's a brightly colored margot head in the corner.

during the whole process magot was all snuggly in my moby wrap, mostly sleeping. here we are making apple mush.

when all was said and done we got about sixteen gallons of delicious cider. yum.


  1. Oh that looks like a great time. We are SO sorry we couldn't participate. South Carolina has gotten cold, but we're in the rehab hospital everyday anyway. Really sad we missed the Super Cider Event. Margot sure looked comfortable.

  2. we certainly missed having you!