i got the pattern for this little guy here. he was a gift for my nephew. he's a cutie. both the elephant and my nephew.

he looks especially ferocious from the front. the elephant that is.


pièce de résistance of cake.

this is what all of the multicolored cupcake experimenting was for. pretty exciting, eh?

so i made these cakes, with the intention of taking them to virginia over the weekend for my nephew's 'birth' day. i had them all wrapped up and ready to go, and then...we left them at the house, right by the front door. sadness.

so i iced them up yesterday and here are the results. so if you live in cincinnati and want cake, stop by.



hello rainbow. this was an experiment with food coloring and cake mix. this technique will hopefully be used in the near future for a much more awesome project.

i used the gel food colorings to get more vibrant colors. they seem to have turned out pretty well. bet you can tell which ones we picked first to eat.

and there they are. and yes, that is conan in the background drinking out of our glass. yes, we are those people. don't judge.