spices two.

the second post i ever made on this blog was about making my spice rack. three years later, it was in need of a little bit of love. we had mounted it over the only counter in our kitchen, where it was subjected day after day to the turmoils of food prep.

so, since the labels needed to be replaced anyway, i figured a change in design was in order.

much more subdued this time around. and more chevron-y.

i'm quite a fan of their new look. and, while i was at it, they got a new home. they no longer live over the counter, so mayhaps these labels will last more than a few years. granted, i'll probably get tired of this look in three more years and want another change.



some days are just sleepy days.

this guy feels my pain.



i'm getting old. and i know it. i know i'm getting old because of the following:

      1. i laugh at commericals. lame ones.
      2. i often yell at the neighbor kids to 'get off my lawn.'
      3. i get upset if i'm not home at seven thirty, because that's jeopardy time, yo (ok, that's not a new one...).
      5. i use the word yo. a lot.
      4. i sometimes find inspirational phrases inspirational.

and in finding inspiration in well put phrases, i've succumb to the internets' pressure to make wall art out of them. giant thirty by twenty-four inch wall art. and the inspirational phrase of choice, 'live every week like it's shark week.' because really, what other life advice do you need.

except my first attempt fell a few k's short. bad planning on my part. but alas, more k's were acquired and the work continued.

i definitely channeled my inner bob ross and found my happy place while painting this. and bad blogger that i am, i took no process photos. it was dark outside and i had to work quickly because i was using acrylics which have a short drying time.

it's pretty swell i'd say. and quite timely, as it's currently shark week! i didn't know this at the time, since we don't have cable. but i bet i was subconsciously aware of it. the internet has the creepy tendancy to pervade my brain like that.