beet lemonade.

make it. i know it sounds weird. beets. and lemonade. who do i think you are, dwight schrute? but just look at it, isn't it lovely?

 i was a bit skeptical of beet lemonade at first, but with that rich magenta color, how could i not make it? (also, i was looking for a high contrast drink to show off my snazzy new thrift store glasses.)

my taste buds may be being trumped by my eyeballs, but despite it not sounding very appealing, i found it to be quite refreshing. sweet, tart, and just a little earthy. the perfect beverage to sip while hoping that the slow days of summer would last just a little bit longer.

so make it. or just stop by for a glass. it's also the perfect beverage to share with a glittered t-rex.


  1. Very appealing photo montage. Wish I could taste and smell as well as see it.

  2. make it yourself and you could! or come here. eight hours seems a bit of a long trip for a lemonade though...