ten months.

well, bi-monthly may be the new rhythm for my margot posts, as i can't seem to get my act together. the months just seem to be flying by. this less-little lady is ten months old now. sheesh.

at her nine month appointment, she weighed fifteen pounds four ounces and was twenty seven inches long. now, i assume she's bigger. her pajamas definitely think so, as recently her big toe has worn a hole through them in order to make more room (no worries, i bought new, bigger ones yesterday).

at ten months old, margot is ridiculously mobile. at around eight and a half months she figured out rolling over (that one took her forever. that kid had zero interest in intentionally putting herself onto her tummy) and within the week she was crawling. now she's using everything to pull herself up (including jon's leg hair) and is cruising. soon, we'll have a toddler on our hands, and then the kitties will certainly be doomed.

as you can tell, this new found mobility meant we had to invent a new photo shooting technique. i just took the crib mattress out and doubled it over on the floor, using it like a chair. this sort of worked, with a lot of help from jon and bribing with food to get her to sit still. we took one hundred and fifteen pictures and got maybe a dozen acceptable ones. makes one grateful for digital photography.

this month i think has the most drastic comparison to the last time. being mobile is such a huge change and makes her seem so much more like a tiny person. she's a total ham, too. she loves smiling at strangers. everywhere. it's ridiculous. she also likes pointing. we're trying to teach that she should wave instead of point. so now when we say 'wave', she waves her hand and her whole body goes along with it. 

to add to the slew of margot changes, she's also getting her top two teeth. like the bottom ones, they're both coming in at the same time. please slow down with all of this growing up miss margot, mom's not ready for it.

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