from grace.

grace is one of my favorite people. and a fantastic maker. and only fifteen, which means the world needs to watch out. look what she made me and jon for christmas!

she made me the sequined gold tree in the middle. you should see it in real life. it's crazy impressive. each sequine was individually pinned on. like i said, crazy.

i think it goes quite swell with the glittered hippo and the two paper trees i made a few years ago.

 and for jon, she made this narwhal ornament.

 gah, so much cuteness. grace, i love you!

and yes, my house is still decorated for christmas. don't judge.


  1. I used to keep my tree up to just before Valentine's Day. And yes, the sparkly hippo is adorable. Dick is collecting sand dollars and will soon need a project, something to make with them. :-)

  2. that makes me feel better. i think i may keep it out until around then.