more owls.

happy new year! 2013 already, eh. how about that...

and, to celebrate a great day with no work, jon didn't get out of his pajamas until seven pm (and makes a nice cameo in the first picture, polar bear pajama pants and all), and i painted me some owl coasters. a perfectly normal way to welcome a new year.

i got this set of owl coasters as a christmas gift from my mom, who has a good eye for something that only needs a little tweaking to be really awesome (if you wondered where it got it from).

they remind me a lot of our kitchen owls (which was my very first blog post), except for their creepy white, staring eyes. those had to go.

ah, much better. each owl got a light sanding and a couple of coats of grey paint. they also got a little bit of wood working around their eyes. without those creepy whites, it became apparent that owl's pupils weren't very well defined (painted owl on the left). a little work with a linoleum block carving tool took care of that (painted owl on the right).

and since we don't have much use for coasters, they got a new life as living room decor. they now live above the doorway between our living room and our dining room, in a neat little row.

and another view from afar.

i think they're quite swell. and much better than coasters.


  1. Very clever, Libby. But I have to confess that aside from the creepy eyes, I loved the brown tones of the originals. I'm a "show me the wood" kind of girl. :-) Keep creating! I love seeing all the great ideas coming from your uber-creative mind into fruition.

  2. thanks starla! i totally love wood too, hence the wood floors, credenza, mantle, coffee table, side table, wicker wall hangings, etc. that are already in our living room (whew!). i think if i had put them in the front foyer, i would've left them wood. but where i wanted to put them in the living room, the grey just felt right. but, you're right, wood does bring a lovely warmth and richness to spaces.