christmas tree.

i know it's a little late, but hey, i was still posting pictures with pumpkins in them three weeks ago. so you're all already aware that i'm a deliquent blogger. let's move on. to something much less guilt inducing...

like a christmas tree!

isn't she beautiful? (yes, i'm pretty sure our tree is a girl.) but she wasn't always this lovely. she started her life off looking more like this. ew.

jon and i bought her for cheaps at this semi-sketchy christmas tree lot that sets up in an empty lot next to the gas station at the end of our street every year. she certainly wasn't much to look at in the beginning. i actually had an 'oh crap what did we just buy' moment while i was taking this picture. for a brief second i was sure that she was a lost cause. then i got over it, and with a pair of pruning shears and some vague vision of a sparse, charlie-brown-esq tree, i went for it.

the whole process was a little bizarre and zen like. the whole time i felt like i had no idea what i was doing, but at the same time, i knew exactly what i was doing (i realize that sentance makes no sense, but it really is how i felt).

i think this pile of carnage was around the halfway point (hours later, as seen by the lack of daylight in this picture). by the end of it, i had a kitchen sized trashcan full of trimmings and sap on my hands, arms, face, hair for the next several days. but oh was it worth it.

for the decorations i went pretty simple. lots of lights (seven hundred i think. we had to go to the store to get more when i ran out), glass ornaments in a limited color scheme, an assortment of woodland bottle brush creatures, and some hand made paper decorations. we probably made a half dozen of these origami stars (i say we, because jon had the patience to contribute one. after that he was done).

i also made some simple white dot garlands, inspired by this lovely blog. i just used some opalescent white paper i had on hand (thanks to rach), punched out a ton of white dots, and passed them through my sewing machine.

and now, i don't really want to take her down. i think she'll stay awhile. maybe a long while, depending on how motivated i get to deconstruct all of the decorations and drag it out of the house. currently, my motivation level is at zero.

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