dapper woodland animals.

for margot's room, i wanted to do a wall of art, and when i found four of these frames at the thrift store, i knew they would be part of it.

of course the plastic faux wood look and the country images had to go, but they had potential. to go in the frames, i decided to embroider a series of dapper woodland animals that i had drawn awhile ago.

this is clarence the fox. i started off by stitching his outlines and a couple of the clothing details, and i then filled in the areas with colored pencils.

after i finished stitching, clarence got cut out and glued to a fabric backing i had added to the frame. after clarence, i also stitched henrietta, archibald, and margaret.

and here they are, a dapper mr. fox, miss doe, mr. badger and miss rabbit.

i think they look quite swell on margot's art wall. there are still quite a few empty frames, but it's coming together nicely. we'll see how long it takes those last four frames to be filled.

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