since i never took our christmas wreath down last year, it no longer felt very festive (i had every intention of taking it down, i just keep forgetting...for twelve months...it happens). thus, a new wreath was in order.

this project came together fairly quickly, and all i needed to buy for it was the faux foliage. i went with eucalyptus branches, because they seemed to be the best bang for my buck at hobby lobby. i was really surprised at how expensive fake flowers are. even the eucalyptus seemed pricey at seven dollars for the bunch shown below, but at fifty percent off, i got out for only three fifty.

since i was going for a light weight look, rather than buying a wreath frame, i just used some heavy gauged garden wire to make my wreath base. i drew out a circle on some cardboard, hence the lampshade, and then ran the wire three times around my traced out circle. i finished off the base by tacking the three loops together with some of the floral wire, just to make the whole thing easier to work with.

i then wrapped the eucalyptus around the base, doubly thick, tacking as i went along with floral wire. a couple of coats of white spray paint later and some festive bunting cut from red card stock, and i have myself a new wreath.


and i even have some supplies left over, so mayhaps i will be making some more wreaths.

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