paper snow.

i love winter. and christmas. and decorating for christmas. lately, i've had a small obsession rooms decorated with massive amounts of paper crafts. like gimbals on elf after buddy has his way with it. it's the perfect mix of winter wonder and beautiful simplicity. i don't have the time or patience of buddy the elf, but this is my small attempt.

this is now on the wall behind the couch in my living room. i used this tutorial on how to make paper snowflakes, but i liked the intermediate tear drop shape better than the final full snowflake. i strung them up on the wall along with some paper circles.

it's not quite as spectacular as gimbals, but it makes me smile. it will probably be up well past christmas.

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  1. I really like those. I may have to make time to do them. They don't really fit with our lesson on Sunday for Kidz Town, but if they did, I'd do them.