christmas crafts.

i've been a bit of a slacker posting lately. however, that does not mean that i have been without making things. no worries.

this was the only bit of holiday decoration the front of my house got this year. next year i promise to try harder, but at least it's a start.

i took one of those twig wreaths and spray painted it white. then i used some of those garland branches made up of metallic colored balls and cut them apart and wove them amongst the twigs. it took me awhile to like it, but it has definitely grown on me.

and holiday tags! why buy them when you have label paper and a printer.

the detail on the red one was bit small so i reworked it. i'm much happier with the new version, but i didn't need any more for this year, so i didn't print any more out. if you want some, let me know and i'll email you a pdf!

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