i wouldn't even know how long this endeavor took us if it weren't for the archival nature of blogging. 160 days later (!!!) i can proudly say that it is done. and man does it look swell.

we put up a tin ceiling and build this soffit-esq box around it. it gives the ceiling a neat inset look and let us cope with fitting the tiles around the jut out from the fireplace.

we painted all the walls and the trim, and if you can even remember, retiled the fireplace.

i'm really pleased with the end product and i'm looking forward to enjoying the living room again. and because i realized the other day that i have no pictures of lucy on this blog, here's a gratuitous lucy picture. man she's cute. which is a feat, as lucy tends to look really creepy in pictures.


  1. I love it!! It looks so good :) I'm going to have to post pictures of our kitchen now.

  2. Wow Honey that looks great. You and Jon should be so proud, you guys did an awesome job. When will you be down to help me?

    Love you, Dad

  3. I love the fireplace, the ceiling and oh yes, the swiffer!!

  4. thanks everyone! it's been a long time coming.