for christmas, jon and i made napkins for our 'moms' (my mom, jon's mom and starla). it was a fun process, even if it ended up being a little more involved then i originally anticipated.

we started with fabric and i cut and machine sewed each one. we then screen printed them with a moose design that i made. jon has to do the screen printing with our current set up, because i'm too short to consistently get a good pull. hopefully we'll be building more libby compatible workspace soon.

it was nice to actually mass produce something for once. screen printing involves so much initial set up that it's less satisfying to do one off designs. i think the last thing that we mass produced was our wedding invitations.

i'm now regretting that we didn't make any of these cute guys for ourselves. they look mighty exciting on the dining room table.


  1. You guys did our wedding programs :)

    I really like the napkins...they turned out nice :)

  2. I'm absolutely loving mine. Once more, I say thank you SO much. They'll be my favorite for probably the rest of my life, or until you do another design. But it'll be hard to beat that cute little moose. :-)

  3. yeah, i had forgotten about the programs. we did do those. they were fun.

    thanks starla! i still think it's too funny that you collect mooses. did not know that.