lucy and the chalkboard.

i've been looking for an ornate frame to make into a kitchen chalkboard for quite a while now, and i finally got lucky on our last thrift store excursion.

it was a bit pricey for my thrift store taste (6.99! oh my), but given the amount of time i've been looking for something like this, i splurged. and don't be mislead by the tag that says it's metal. the frame is actually plastic, which is good since finding studs in our plaster walls is kind of hit or miss. lucy was very much a fan of the frame. sitting inside it made her feel like a lady.

to make it into a chalkboard i just took the mirror out and then flipped around the backing piece and painted it with chalkboard paint. i used an old mini roller to get a smooth finish on the chalkboard. painting the frame was more difficult. it involved about 10 coats and an entire can of spray paint. painting all of the nooks and crannies took some effort, but i am loving the finished product.

please forgive the horrible pink-purple faux tile behind the mirror. maybe one day we'll have the courage to take it down and see what looms beneath. for now though, i'll just try to draw the attention elsewhere, like to this lovely chalkboard.

lucy does love lamp. and shoes. and hot dogs. and this pile of towels.

so precarious.

if anyone wants to do any chalkboard projects, let me know. i have the better part of a quart of chalkboard paint left over.


  1. That's amazing. You should make me one. For some reason, even though I'm "crafty," when it comes to making anything out of anything other than yarn I suddenly feel like I have all thumbs...even though I'm sure I could do it if I really tried to.

  2. you should try! it's so easy. the key really is getting a sweet frame from a thrift store. then it's just a little spray paint.