i like to go to yard sales. and junk stores. this may be obvious...

this handsome metal pair cost 2 dollars at a yard sale benefiting the local youth theater. normally, i'd talk the price down to a dollar, but it was for the children.


the paint job left a little something to be desired though. so i learned a new trick. painted metal plus simmering in water and baking soda for thirty minutes equals no more painted metal.


now i have the desire to find painted metal objects and make them unpainted metal objects.

the roosters didn't remain unpainted for long however. a couple of coats of white spray paint later...


just like new.

i bought them with my sister in law in mind and i'm happy to say that i followed through on the gift. not before jon scolded me for taking them around the house and imagining where i was going to put them.

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  1. I love those roosters, too! Thank you so much for the gift. Your'e so thoughtful to have given them to me. Did I mention that I miss you. See you around Christmas!