jon and i are taking a letterpress class at the art academy of cincinnati. tonight was my second class (jon's third, i missed last week), and i'm having a lot of fun.

i'm really taken by the drawers full of wood type. i can't help it. they're beautiful. this is what i'm working on right now. it's an a. a. milne quote from winnie the pooh.


today i spent the whole time opening up all of the drawers and picking out fonts i liked and trying to get the different lines to block similarly. i was briefly distracted when i found the drawers full of special symbols--stars, arrows, and the like. some of these seemed to sneak into my design. not sure how that happened...

*note the picture is flipped vertically to make it easier to read. you actually lay type from right to left. i get confused a lot when i'm laying it out. d's, b's, p's and q's are cruel letters.

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  1. Oh this is SO cool! I thought for a moment that you had made a mat for wiping muddy feet. Art classes are wonderful.