i made a quilt. i think it turned out pretty swell.

quilting was quite the adventure for me. i had no idea what i was doing the entire time. which was pretty fun. the internet is fully of incredibly talented bloggers who make really awesome tutorials though.

it didn't turn out perfect, and i recommend not looking too closely at it, but it makes me happy to have completed a large-ish scale project.

if you've been putting off trying your hand at quilting, i recommend just going for it. and if you get stuck, to the interwebz!


  1. You are amazing and terribly modest, too! Apparently, there is nothing you can't do. I would love to see and feel this quilt. Beautiful.

  2. How long is it? I can't tell from here.

    Also I assume it is quite soft and silky

  3. thanks starla!

    adam, you're back blogging!

    it's about 40 by 50 inches. and it is quite soft. just not as soft as lucy...