christmas tree hunting.

normally, i'm a strong proponent of not decorating for christmas until after thanksgiving. this year however, i made an exception and  went tromping over the river and through the woods to get a christmas tree with two of my favorite people for my birthday.

it was quite the exciting adventure. we went to angle wings christmas tree farm outside of hillsville, virginia. i'd recommend it, if for no other reason than the beautiful drive that you take through the blue ridge parkway to get there. 

margot loved it. she refused to be held the entire time. i like this picture because she looks like buddy the elf as spotted by ny1 news.

soooo much cuteness!


i didn't even get any pictures of the tree we got. evidently i was too distracted by this tiny one. i did get a pretty swell family photo taken, though.

i think we'll have to make a tradition out of this.


  1. There are no words to describe the feelings I have looking at these photos. Wait, let me try. Precious, incredible, adorable, marvelous, cherished, huggable, and a gift from God! Ok, I'll be right over,...next year. :-)