i now have a super awesome box of family treasures that i'm pretty overwhelmed by and in awe of.

these are my grandma's. my dad's mom. she used to quilt on saturday with the ladies. they were evidently super productive. in this box there is a finished twin-sized quilt top, enough completed squares for two more, a completed set of pinwheels, and the beginnings of another twin-sized quilt. there were also a ton of small quilted pieces with an unknown final destiny. those are my favorites.

like these navy and white half square triangles, that were perhaps meant to be part of a flying geese quilt? i think there are a half dozen or so of these, in strips of three or four.

there are so many amazing vintage fabrics, like this red and white one. i mean, it has birds, houses and lutes on it! you can't get this kind of stuff these days. i think there are only four half-squares of these, so i'll have to think of something super awesome for them.

i also really love this black and white one, with its happenstance polka dot style, and this floral one. i love how modern they seem, despite their age.

and i'm probably most excited about these squares, off-white with vibrant kelly green x's on them. they were going to have a floral motif on them, like in the center of the first picture. that square is the only one that got that far. i like them with just the x's though, and i think there's enough for a twin sized quilt. i'm picturing a margot big-girl bed quilt backed in something awesomely whimsical, like cotton + steel's mesa fern book, mochi mochi floral, or these adorable bunnies.

my mind is swimming with the possibilities of all of these beauties. the vintage patchwork may not always be my style, but i can't help but appreciate the masterful craftsmanship of them and their family connection. i think i should start up saturday sewing parties of my own. anyone care to join?

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