lately i haven't been up for lengthy projects that involve dragging out the sewing machine, so this little guy was quite a good fit. add in a free pattern, only two evenings of work and having all the supplies already on hand, and i'd call it the perfect fit.

he's a little shy, but with my sloppy hand-sewing job, i'm not sure i blame him. i prefer to call it 'rustic'. once he comes out from hiding you can see the exciting embossed felt that i made his belly and ears out of.

you can make him out of a single 8.5 x 11 piece of felt i think, but what's the fun in a one colored bunny. two pieces at hobby lobby will run you 50 cents. splurge for the embossed felt and the total comes out to 75 cents. and you'd probably still have enough material leftover to make the bunny's evil twin--grey belly, purple body in this case.

i think i'm going to tweek the pattern to make some other creature. perhaps a dragon. any suggestions?


  1. He is very adorable :) I love the embossed felt! I will have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby very soon.

  2. Make a cat, then see if Lucy yells at it

  3. she would. lucy is very sassy.