so in my previous post i commented on my lack of commitment to long projects. in admitting that, i became determined to take on something more substantial, but what it was to be i didn't know. not until i came across this beautiful new book put out by berroco yarns.

so i did it. i committed. i decided to make an afghan. it may take me three years, but i'm doing it. and i'm saying it right here in real live electrons for all the world to see. wish me luck.

it is a very daunting undertaking. the amount of yarn needed in and of itself is enough to instill fear in my non-committal crafting heart. the color scheme i chose is very seventies. nice and retro. i love it now. we'll see how long that lasts.

the pattern i selected was for the greenway afghan (which happened to be the free teaser pattern that the publisher put out, so feel free to take on the endeavor yourself). it just so happens that this pattern that i fell in love with is a crochet pattern. i am not a crochet-er. i knit. i've been knitting for ten years or so now. so not only am i taking on a giant project, but i am tackling a whole new craft-skill monster.

its been fun though. yesterday i went to the library and checked out crocheting for dummies and went for it. jon and i went for a saturday drive and i learned to crochet (obviously jon was driving. i'm not that skilled). after several (i.e. dozens) of starting and restarting and then figuring out 1 row and then failing multiple times on the next row and misreading the pattern, i think i finally got the hang of it. here's my progress so far.

inches one, two and three of sixty. progress level: 5%.