i haven't worn this sweater in a while. it kind of fit funny and its just a bit too much yellow. a bit of overwhelming.

so rather than have it collect dust in the closet, i decided to make it into a cardigan. for not having a plan ahead of time and not really measuring anything, i think it turned out pretty well.

i basically cut it the sweater up the middle and then sewed cotton fabric trim to each side. i made the trim from fabric remnants from recovering my desk chair. now i'm debating adding buttons and trying out the button-holer on my sewing machine. not sure its worth the risk of messing the whole thing up though.


  1. That is stinking adorable!!!!

  2. You are so talented. It looks great! Maybe I should taking a sewing class while in europe...

  3. I agree. It's wonderful. No buttons; you won't use them most likely. Think of it as a sort of shawl.

  4. thanks everyone!

    you should definitely take a sewing class. or just buy a sewing machine and give it a go. its really not that hard to do the basics. and the internet is full of helpful tips and patterns. i really need to put you in touch with my friend becca who lives about a half hour north of where you guys will be. she took up quilting when they moved to england.