growing things.

the garden is becoming very exciting these days. it's like it went from tiny little plants that i had no hope in, to giant, garden-taking-over vegetation.

a few of the grape tomatoes are actually turning red. i picked the one towards the back today. i have it on jon's word that they're delicous. as i don't like tomatoes in the raw form, i wouldn't know.

i have grand hope for these guys. big dreams of salsa and spaghetti sauce and shelves lined with canned goodness for weeks to come.

and this guy may become tonight's dinner. i'm convinced that when i looked yesterday, he was half this size. i must have never seen or taken note of squash plants before, because i still can't get over how giant they are and how alien their leaves and stalks look. crazy.

there are also green beans, jalepeno and bell pepper, cucumbers, herbs and potatoes growing in a giant 4 foot tall barrel (yup). i'll save those for a later post.


  1. Oh that zucchini looks absolutely prize-winning!!

  2. Hope you enjoyed the "Corn" out there in Illinois. Can't wait to hear about the trip!