i like dishes. a lot. i tend to buy them at thrift stores. if i didn't have self control (or jon) i'd buy dishes every time we went to thrift stores (which happens often). but i try to refrain.

i've discovered that they make markers that let you draw on dishes. now i can use the excuse that i don't want to draw on our 'real' dishes to buy twenty cent cups and plates.

i started with these cups. i think i may have bought them in high school, before i really drank coffee or tea regularly. i just thought they were cute. i don't really use them much though because they're pretty small, so they were perfect for experimenting.

the marker was a little fickle, but it worked well enough. i highly suggest getting one and giving it a go. perk up some tired old dishes. like these now even cuter little cups.

now the only question is what to draw on next. i'm thinking a set of plates with some sort of theme, but i don't have any ideas beyond that. suggestions?

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