the yard.

me and summer have somewhat of a love hate relationship. i hate being hot. i hate being sweaty. i hate having to run the air conditioning nonstop to keep from melting in my own house. i hate that i'm an adult, and i no longer get to be on vacation for three straight months. but as much as hate it, i really am beginning to love watching things grow.

today, whilst doing such much needed yard maintenance, i collected some of what the garden has made for me. a handful of the second or third round of the green beans. these are being steamed as i type.

a couple of tomatoes. this particular variety is called an 'abraham lincoln' tomato. jon and i may have picked out our tomato plants based on the silliness of their names. we also have a 'boxcar willie' tomato.

five jalapenos. i need to figure out something to do with all of these. there are probably five or so more that i should have picked, but there's only so many peppers you can eat in week.

some coriander. this was from our cilantro. growing cilantro as an herb always seems to be a failure, as it get too hot too soon and it bolts to seeds. i have never tried to dry out the seeds to make the coriander spice, so we'll see how it goes.

and these strangely perfect pine cones. i was picking up the one thousands sticks that the recent storms have thrown about the yard, when i found a stick covered in a dozen or so pine cones. i don't really know what i'm going to do with them, but they're pretty swell.

so that's today. a nice little spread if i do say so.


  1. I wonder if Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter ate those tomatoes?

  2. That question makes my brain hurt, Joshua. Anyway, Dick loves peppers. You and he should talk when we return. :-) Great stuff, Libby.

  3. maybe he did...

    will do starla. jalapenos will be exchanged.