england. and then some.

following our grand german adventure, jon and i headed off to jolly ole england to visit dan and becca (surprisingly, they let us come back!).

i really love england. it's a place that suites my personality well--the weather's chilly, so scarves and cardigans are a must, there are endless rolling pastures full of sheep, and the people have a deep appreciate for fresh produce, well made pastries and afternoon cups of tea. swoon.

and it's full of really old ruiny places, like rievaulx abbey. it was once one of the wealthiest abbeys in england, and it's still pretty spectacular. we spent the afternoon strolling abouts and having a picnic.

i'm not really sure what jon's doing here, but i think he's eating a reese's cup. and making some sort of a declaration. probably that there shalt be more reese's cups.

and here are some sheep! i got excited every time we saw sheep. which was a lot of times.

we also spent a day in knaresborough, which was a very cute and very english town on the river nidd.

it was clearly a very british day, as the picture above and the picture below were taken maybe fifteen minutes apart.

we also went to scotland for a couple of days. we went there by train, which, in my opinion, is the best way to travel. the views were spectacular. and look, more sheep!

in scotland, we spent a day in edinburgh, which was great, but it was a little big city for my love. i get easily overwhelmed. my favorite part of scotland was the day we spent out by the sea, in north berwick. while we were there, we went to the law. this is the law.

law is the lowland scots word for a hill that rises incongruously from its surroundings. i would say that this one was quite incongruous. and we climbed it.

the views during the climb were spectacular. there was the sea, dotted with islands and the tiny town with the red roofs and farms as far as you could see.

while we were in north berwick, we also walked along the beach. in the opposite direction from this photo, there was a golf course. which seemed very scottish.

this puppy was enjoying the beach and didn't seem to mind that it was in the forties outside. i didn't mind either. i'd take a chilly day on a scottish beach any day.

that's about all i have. it was an amazing trip. a refreshing trip. a trip i won't soon forget.

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