last friday night jon and i stopped by our local thrift store, because we're cool like that, and thrifting on a friday night is kind of our idea of a date. i was pretty happy we decided to stop by, because we found this super sweet needlepoint.

how cool is it! i'm quite fond of it's seventies color scheme.and the sheer cheesiness of it. it even usurped the shark week painting for a coveted living room wall spot (don't worry, the sharks have been relocated to the bathroom, which it seems well suited for).

and it's in near perfect condition. only a single loose thread on the 'n' in kindness.

whoever made this definitely has a lot more crafting patience than i do. hats off to you, unknown embroiderer.


  1. Im in love with this! Such a great find & a perfect touch for a new home.


  2. thanks melissa! and thanks for visiting my blog!

    your blog's really lovely :)