dapper fox.

so i'm delinquent on this kid's seven month post. seven and a half is close to seven, right?

in the meantime, here's a long overdue post on this dapper fox i made for miss margot some time ago.

after i made lilly this sloth, i knew i wanted to make another plush in the same style for margot, so i sketched out this guy.

i made him mostly out of thrifted fabric--a vintage floral shirt, a teal pair of corduroy pants, and a giant orange one hundred percent wool pantsuit (i got a pretty strange look from the cashier with that one). and i even got to make a bow tie.

he turned out pretty swell i think. i still haven't quite figured out how to convert a two dimensional drawing into a three dimensional stuffed animal and get the right aspect ratio. he's a bit more long-and-lean then i planned, but still pretty cute.

and margot seems to like him. all those long limbs are great for chewing on.

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