eight months.

well, it's official, i missed a month of margot. sorry future margot. alas, life goes on. and now, this lady is eight months old!

a lot has happened in the last two months. about midway through month seven, margot got both of her bottom teeth in one week. and, as jon's finger has discovered, they may be little, but they be sharp. she uses them to deftly devour anything that you put in her mouth. seriously, this kid will eat anything. 

she has also figured out dancing (or rather, bobbing from side to side, thanks mee mee), clapping (thanks adam), feeding herself cereal (thanks puffs), and i think she is starting to wave. currently, one of her favorite activities is to chase the kitties around the house in her walker. conan is a very patient friend.

it's crazy how time flies and how much she's grown. tis a super exciting adventure we're all on.

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