stuffed kitty.

i've been on a bit of a stuffed animal making kick lately. this latest kitty creation was made for a special someone's fifth birthday.

i've been having a lot of fun working through the creation process with these stuffed animals. since i make up my own designs and patterns, there tends to be a lot of improvisation and rework and oh-crap moments in getting from start to finish. maybe one day i'll do better at documenting what a hot mess the intermediate phases are. but for now, i just have the finished product to share.

i used a quilting cotton for the body, felt for the facial features, and made a sweet little mustard bow using this pattern. she was named lemon, which i think is a pretty swell name for a kitty. the only critique that i got was that she should be smiling. almost five year olds are the toughest critics.

if enough people are interested in making a kitty of their own, i may be persuaded to try and muddle my way through writing up the pattern. just leave a comment with your kindest plea. be warned though, i've never done it before and cannot guarantee coherence.

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  1. Just a couple of extra stitches and she'll be smiling her little kitty lips off. :-)