rocking sheep.

margot turned one a couple of weeks ago. which is absurd. more on all of that later.

for her birthday, i had grand plans to make her all of these amazing things, but, for the most part, time got away from me. jon and i did, however, accomlish one diy gift: a rocking sheep.

he actually started off as your run of the mill rocking horse. i bought him from a thrift store for a couple of bucks like five years ago, well before we were even contemplating kids. i couldn't pass him up though. i knew one day he would be awesome.

it was so long ago, in fact, that i can't find the pictures of him in his original state. so this photo is the only 'before' that i have. a poorly lit ipad photo of him still as a horse, being auditioned for sheep-hood.

this was when we decided that if we were going to do this rocking sheep thing right, than we were going to have to make him a new head. there was no disguising this horse as a sheep just with a change of clothes. cue the power tools. some jigsawing, sanding and staining later, this guy was starting to look much more sheep-ish.

now, it was just a matter of clothes. the original plan was to add batting to make him a nice fat, round sheep, and then cover that in some fuzzy fabric. however, as birthday day approached and i started to become overwhelmed/increasingly lazy, i shortcut this by just using our handy ikea sheepskin. this only came after much begging of jon and promising that next time we go to ikea i would buy him a new one.

the sheepskin worked perfectly. it's extreme fuzziness made it very forgiving, and it was already roughly sheep-shaped, so it fit nicely around his head, shoulders and middle. i just had to trim a little off the length when i tucked it around his back. i just adhered it with copious amounts of hot glue.

 and there you have it. a super fuzzy rocking sheep. margot loves it. it's like a kitty that doesn't run away. 

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