kitty shoes.

since margot has learned to walk, wearing shoes has become a necessity. before she could walk, i didn't even bother. it was far too much work to try to negotiate shoes onto those tiny feet, only to have them kicked right back off in a matter of seconds. now though, as she tries to master new terrains like grass and gravel and carpets, shoes are an everyday thing. and, since we like to keep the level of ridiculousness high around here, margot's everyday shoes now have kitties on them.

these sneakers started off simple enough; plain and grey and only three dollars at marshalls. soon though, they got covered in a fun kitty print, proof again that things don't stay plain in this house for very long. for the kitties, i just free handed the pattern with a fabric marker. the tongue also got jazzed up a bit by some pink stripes.
these shoes have definitely seen their fair share of adventure. here they are investigating plant watering time. during this little excursion they got quite muddy. they've cleaned up really well though, with minimal fading to the kitties.

so, make your own. teeny sized or adult sized. i'm sure your life could use a bit more ridiculousness too.

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