knit margot mittens.

and now for a more seasonally appropriate post: mittens.

we finally got our first snow of the winter season here last week, which meant margot's first real time to get to play in snow. after spending a ridiculous amount of time bundling her up--tights, pants, socks, onesie, sweatshirt, coat, second coat, hat, explorer boots--we realized we didn't have any mittens. so we temporarily solved the problem by putting two pairs of her socks on her hands. needless to say, this was hilarious. however, my craftiness found this unacceptable, so i got straight to work that evening knitting her up some mittens.

jon insisted that they have thumbs, for maximum adventuring, so i obliged. margot appreciates it, as thumbs make picking up snow snacks much easier.

i was unable to find a pattern out there that fit my needs, so i made one up (meaning mushed a whole bunch of other pattern bits together to get something that worked). the finished mittens are adorably toddler sized (twelve to twenty-four months-ish) with a bright bit of color work to keep things fun.

margot approves. even if trying to get thumbed mittens on toddler sized hands is a pain, it's worth it for all of the snow fun that's to be had. i promise, that's a laughing because i fell in the snow face, not an angry face. she's really into crinkling her nose right now.

the mittens do take a bit of manipulation to get on. with margot though, all i have to say is 'do you want to go outside' and she gets so excited that she puts up with it. however, this also often happens (it's easier to eat the snow off your mittens if they're not on your hands), and there's a lot of re-putting-on of mittens. sometimes i don't even bother putting her thumbs in the thumb hole, but they're nice to have.

on an unrelated to mittens note, margot really loves being hit with snow balls. really really loves it. laughs super hard. here is a series of pictures taken right after i sort of accidentally hit her in the face with one (i wasn't aiming for her face). note, she quickly realized there was delicious snow above her lip, and eventually succeeded in moving it to her mouth. talent.

if you want the pattern, you can download it on my ravelry page here for free! it's never too late to make some mittens...ok, that's probably not true...it's maybe too late, but that's never stopped me!


  1. Happy knitting indeed! Is there no skill you don't possess? You are so amazing, and I'm so happy that you have such an adorable and willing subject on which to practice your craft. :-)

    1. thanks starla! i lack many skills and have many failures. not pictured is the first mitten i knitted that was about two times too big :) my blog is my happy place where i pretend those things don't exist...