tiny pocket tees.

it was seventy degrees here on sunday. in february. crazy. it's the kind of weather that makes you cautiously optimistic for spring. cautiously, because this sunday it's not supposed to get above thirty. alas, weather, you toy with me.

so, the other day, in anticipation (or wishful thinking) of warmer weather, i jazzed up some plain margot tees with some ridiculous tiny pockets.

this is a project i've been meaning to do for a long time. it's quick, uses only the smallest bits of fabric and makes something plain just a little special.

the whole process was quite zen. cutting out tiny bits of fabric, ironing down teeny edges while trying not to burn my fingers (maybe that part was less zen), pinning and sewing in place. i even tried to sew zen--nice and slow, keeping the lines straight and the seam allowances small. slow sewing is not typically how i roll, but i've been trying to be a better person.

the only process shot i got was of these pressed, pre-sewn on pockets looking all dapper. the fabrics make me happy. the llama pocket especially. i finally found a use for that sample swatch of spoonflower fabric i designed. hooray llamas.

the finished pockets are rougly 2.75 inches wide and 3.25 inches from top to the bottom point. this makes for a slightly oversized pocket on a sized two-t shirt, but that's what i was aiming for. i particularly like the pointed pocket style. i think it's extra cute.

i did find that slightly heavier weight fabrics made the whole process a lot easier. the floral print was a light weight cotton, so the seams did not want to stay pressed and the pocket was difficult to place. the llamas and the yellow folk fabric were heavier, like a light weight canvas, and were so much easier to work with. if i were to do this again i would probably use interfacing or at least some spray starch with light weight fabrics.

now i want to put pockets on all of my tee shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops. all of the pockets. you should do it too. we'll take over the world with pockets.


  1. I love this! You should do elbow patches for long sleeves next. Possibly in a heart shape :-)

    1. yes! i did elbow patches on a sweater when she was tiny. used the same floral fabric actually. super adorable. like a tiny professor.

  2. And a row of rickrack or sequins around the collar and a cellphone pocket on the side of her pants, kind of like cargo pants? :-)