a bunny to sew.

since the internet is already overrun with rabbits this time of year, i thought i should contribute.

 i actually made the bunny on the right for margot last easter, but never got around to posting about it. the super long ears made it especially fun for tiny hands (and mouths) to explore. since it's such a quick sew, i decided to make a couple more for this year.

i originally had grand visions (or delusions) of being a great blogger and making a photo tutorial for you all on how to make one. alas, this did not happen (surprise, surprise). you are super intelligent though, and this is may be the easiest sew ever, so i'm sure you can do it with minimal instruction. below follows minimal instruction. i apologize in advance for any ambiguous or overly descriptive explanations (i tend to swing wildly between the two extremes).

  1. print the free pattern from here!
  2. prepare materials: cut out pattern, trace to fabric, and cut fabric. you should have six pieces of fabric cut.
  3. sew the ears: for each ear, pair one main fabric piece with one contrasting fabric piece. with right sides together and a 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew ear together, sewing up one long side and down the other (leaving the short, straight end open). clip curves and turn right side out (a chopstick helps here). repeat for second ear. press and, if desired, top stitch down each ear, 1/4 inch from the edge
  4. assemble the bunny sandwich: place one body piece, right side up on work surface. place the ears on top, aligning the straight edges with the top of the body piece (ears will be pointing down). space the ears, centered, ~1/4 inch apart. place the other body piece on top of the ears, right side down, lining up edges. pin sandwich together. 
  5. sew bunny together: sew around the edges of the bunny sandwich with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. leave an opening ~2 inches long to turn the bunny right side out (i leave the opening at the bottom, where the ears poke out of the sandwich).  clip curves and turn right side out.
  6. stuff and sew shut: fill firmly with stuffing of your choice and ladder stitch the opening closed.
  7. embroider face: this is probably easier done pre-sewing, but i can never decide on what i want it to look like unfilled, so i wait until i'm done. 
  8. hug!
and there you have it, a super simple sewn bunny, just in time for some last minute easter crafting. have fun with it--use those tiny bits of awesome scrap fabric you've been hoarding, embroider ridiculous faces, make a small army of bunnies. if you make some, be sure to link to photos in the comments. i'd love to see them.

fun story--the sleeping bunny may have come about because i was tired of trying to get the french knot eyes to stay put with the fairly open weaved main fabric i used. turns out though, it's margot's favorite bunny. every time she comes across it she puts her finger to her mouth and says 'shhhh.' then she carries it off to a quiet place for a nap. 

these bunnies make a great easter basket addition. thanks to these and the target one spot, margot is sure to have a swell time this year. granted, she's already played with most of these things...those chalk eggs come in a four pack. the pink and blue may already look less egg like...

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