meet edna.

margot has a new friend.

edna. a soft, cuddly, blue monster of a friend.

edna loves adventuring, which is good, because margot is full of adventure, especially when wearing her red shoes. they're her adventure shoes.

(margot was making edna walk up the driveway. she's the cutest person ever.)

i bought this ridiculous faux-fur blue fabric at jo ann's a while back. i walked around the store three or four times debating whether or not to buy it, because i had no idea what i would make with it. ultimately, its icy blueness won me over and i bought half of a yard. i'm glad i did, because this little lady is way cute, and that other little lady really loves her.

sewing her was fun. i've never sewn anything so fuzzy. i've also never designed a softie that wasn't completely flat (two identical pattern pieces sewn together). i wanted this fuzzy monster to have a little more dimension though, so i made a couple of practice bodies adding gussets to give depth. it worked out pretty well, especially since the fur hides the gusset seams.

the absolute silliest part of the whole process was giving her a haircut (edna that is, margot is approximately two years away from needing a haircut). when i added her eyes, i realized they were entirely lost in the sea of blue. so i busted out the scissors and gave her a trim. absurd.

i really like making margot toys. she totally humors me by having a blast with them (granted, she also has a blast with sticks, and rocks and straws and such, but eh). edna has quickly jumped to the top of the list of most loved softies, being picked to go to church, to the store, and to mee mee and papa's house. she has even made it through an entire night in margot's crib (which is an honor not granted to many--the unworthy being thrown shamelessly to the ground). with their combined cuteness, margot and edna are unstoppable, and i'm sure this big world has many more adventures in store for them.