from vintage pillowcase to skirt.

sometimes you just need to make something that takes twenty minutes. like a skirt from a pillowcase.

i recently got a bunch of my grandma's old linens, many of which had really beautiful hand embroidery on them. i decided to take this pillowcase and make a margot skirt from it. i couldn't resist with that bright orange and happy blue.

it was a super quick sew, which was refreshing. i didn't even have to hem the bottom since i used the embroidered edge. i just sewed a side seam, the waistband and stuck in some elastic. my machine was even already loaded with orange thread!

such an easy time sewing was bound to be met with a difficult time picture taking. you can't have it all, folks. margot was feeling extra uncooperative today. like when she decided that sheep needed to be relocated. she's strong like ox.

from this new vantage point she could more easily point out what was concerning her. 'what happened' is her new favorite phrase. i guess it's something that jon and i ask her all of the time... in this case, something was apparently wrong with the curtains.

and i just found out it's kids clothes week! so i get to share this extra special, super easy skirt as my first project. go over to the site and check out all of the awesome things people are making.

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