this kid is too cool.

yeah, so let's talk about this one for a second. who is this kid, and where is my baby?

too. big. too quick. stop. now please. ok, thanks.

and with that, on to the real reason for the post (as if most of you don't come here for the margot pictures), a freezer paper stencil tee-shirt. i haven't made a freezer paper shirt since before margot was born, and i had forgotten how easy it is and how awesome it turns out. a one of a kind tee-shirt in under an hour? yes please.

margot greatly enjoyed the photo shoot sucker. all of the ridiculous faces were made that day.

the shirt is pretty self explanatory. i mean, how can you look at this kid and not say 'oh my.' i can't, that's for sure.

too much sass. i know sunglasses inside are a bit much, but we were originally going to photo shoot outside, but were thwarted by the rain. and really, toddler sunglasses. they're the best.

no pattern this time, but if you want to make an 'oh my' shirt of your own, i'm sure you can manage. and if you do, post a link!


  1. how do i make a freezer paper tshirt? why did we never do this in cincy?!

    1. it's pretty much the greatest thing ever. i have no idea why i didn''t discover it sooner. here's a tutorial


      you should give it a try. it's totally a rachel craft.