cardboard magnets.

and now for something that isn't related to sewing.

super awesome cardboard magnet faces! for all of your refrigerator friend needs. (i'm totally crushing on that old man face...)

these were made using laser cut corrugated cardboard scraps from a fab lab project i did (waste not). you could certainly cut cardboard circles out with scissors, like a normal person, but why do that when you have access to a laser? just look at that laser cut edge. you know you're jealous.

i drew the faces with a felt tip pen. luckily i had about a bajillion (yep, that's a number) cardboard circles, because i messed up quite a few trying to free handing it. a word of encouragement if you want to make your own--it's just cardboard, if you mess up, move on--at least that's what i kept telling myself as i repeatedly chucked rejects into the recycling.

i eventually succeeded in making eight acceptably adorable faces and added peel and stick magnet strips to the back (which ended up being peel and glue and stick magnets, as they seemed to have lost their stickiness after the five or so odd years they were in my stash. who knew...).

margot seems to like them. this is the one she pointed at when i asked her which one looked like daddy (she picked the bear).

so, you should totally make some. even if you don't have a kiddo. that penguin totally looks up to the job of holding up your grocery list.

and since this post was lacking in margot-ness, here you go. the cuteness is overwhelming.

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